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Friday, September 16, 2011

Request: Fellow survivors/loving caregivers/interested, please post comments.

I continually read the medical statistics, 1.5 to 3 million head injury, TBI, PT SD, strokes per year -  just here in the USA.  I am just getting this project started

- you have all you need right here and now in you. No medical equipment, no drugs (unless you talk to the Harvard Psychedelic Club), physical therapy is optional.

This simple mindfulness practice takes you only and fully into the here and now, within - this body (it's a miracle as it is),

and these thoughts (some will serve the life I want, otherwise the thinking which I do and know are only a path to suffering), how much gratitude can i really honestly acknowledge in this moment (who was nice and good to me).

Remember, see right now this one precious life we have.

Please post response to this blog, Gold Mind Meditation Project, we are a community of committed conversations (committed to having a life we love!). Go ahead your here, post something.

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