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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

meditate for Ten Minutes.
How will your practice continue? What's next?
Who are you authentically? What matters most to you? Are you

becoming more loving? Are your intentions to serve others developing?
Class conversation, Why meditate? Clarity, concentration, focus, peace, rapture - feels great! Come home to who you really are. What about when you don't feel like doing it? You haven't wasted your time, can always start newly - fresh start! Remember, we cultivate our Minds in meditation or Bhavana, which means gardening.

Support systems - Portland Groups: PIMC, PFOD, Shambala,pacific heritage in White Salmon and online, make a take home page: List Sit Groups, scheduled sits (Handout)
VII.Kindle pdf files at many Buddhist Center sites for no charge. Explore and read these.
VIII.Online articles talks, Listserv
  1. Friends and family
  2. Positive and wholesome states are stated in various ways in
    Mindfulness Practice - Serenity and Insight, the Four Foundations of Mindfulness, the Eight factors of the Path. We can highlight what are called the known Benefits "Seven Factors Of Enlightenment". This is arousing wholesome states and maintaining and perfecting states that have arisen. Obviously there are unwholesome states of ill will, hatred - see these and really inquire honestly, see truthfully 'what are my intentions?' and if the unwholesome hasn't arisen, you may be aware of what will bring them forth - see that and desist. Back off.
  3. Seven Factors=mindfulness (basically receptive) , Investigation (Basically Active - look closely), Energy, Rapture or pleasurable interest, Tranquillity, Concentration, and Equanimity. These factors both lead to and constitute 'enlightenment'.
XII.Existence systems: Art, clothing, meditation bench, gongs, books, schedule sitting, Sangha, emails favorite websites. Learn the Language

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