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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

GMMP Daily Meditation Instructions

Gold Mind Meditation
 Instructions:  Daily Sittings

1.    Select a time and place, where you can sit comfortably alone and uninterrupted if possible.  Use the same place each time (chair, cushion on floor, carpet).  This will enhance your practice. 
      Quiet is nice, but not necessary.

2.    Choose a length of time to sit.  Start small, say 5 or 10 minutes, and gradually increase the time, as you are comfortable with it (45min.+). Always continue till the finish time has arrived; this is keeping a promise you’re making with yourself.

3.    Set a timer or cell phone alarm to announce the end of your session, then you won’t have to think about it.

4.    Begin sitting, relaxed and upright, not rigid.  Place awareness or attention on the actual sensations in your body as your breath comes and goes naturally. These sensations may be most predominant in your chest and abdomen as they rise and fall, or at the nostrils and tip of the nose. Allow your breathing to be at it’s own pace. You might like to take three or four deep long breaths to begin the meditation and then let the breath breathe itself. Observe the sensations exactly as they are.

5.    Your mind will most certainly wander into thinking of the past and future. It may obsess about worries, plans or fears. It may rehearse conversations.  Let it be; please do not try to stop it from wandering. This never works. Instead, when you wake up to this wandering, very gently return your attention to sensations of breathing. (Relax, put it in neutral, very awake but not going anywhere, rather waking up)

6.    Feel directly and be-with (experience) whatever occurs for you in this period of meditation: body sensations, thoughts, moods, emotions, sensations and feelings. Just consciously note what comes up, see that ‘arising’, and then return to the breath sensations.  Be at peace with things as they are in present moment.  Remind yourself of the intended purpose of sitting in meditation and continue.

7.    Getting bored?  Cool!  this is another 'object of observation', look closedly, it will change.  Continue until the alarm goes off.  Smile, you are doing well, learning a new skill that will grow positively for your lifetime! Sitting time is healing time.  Stay with it. Neuroscientists say regular practice is the biggest enhancer of neuroplasticity - healing.

8.    Read this again till you know every word!  That’s it; there is no more.

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