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Friday, October 22, 2010

Changing the Face of disability

Tonight at our glorious Portland City Hall, I joined the gathering of cultural creatives (fabulous photography!) and non profits.

I was pulled in by the title of this Event "Changing the Face of Disability",
Disability - which is defined by how exactly each of us becomes present with
and holds that which is 'disabled'. We have the ABILITY that we have, and that's always changing. (supported by Gold Minds!, our natural inner perfection)

Expression and presentation are important! This group, CreativeCares is giving the beauty of photographic realism to non-profits, too involved in their missions. "[Non Profits] + [Creatives] = [Greater Good]. Yay!

Speakers were Commissioner Dan Saltzman
and John Coghlan of

I planted seeds with umpteen conversations of Gold Mind Meditation Project and handed out several copies of 'My Page', Blog or Note entry No. One. Gold Mind is growing on its own, it is wanted and needed.

Thank you Tiffany Joy for inviting me and all great gratitude to your husband for formulating and intiating, fulfilling CreativeCares from your photographic experiences in Africa.

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