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Friday, October 22, 2010

Present work on this project

I have now posted two entries to this GMMP blog:

1)  "Gold Mind Meditation Project" - an overview of my experience and plans for fulfilling this project, teaching mindfulness meditation practice to people who are interested in six weekly sessions, such that they can see what it is and then choose whether or not to continue and establish a practice, knowing directly in their own experience the benefits of practice

2)  "Background for current project"  My dad's journal, transcribed from his handwritten notes as background information for this project which is only now occurring for me in such a way that I can take the necessary actions to make it happen. It's in formulation now, please follow this blog site if you care to keep track (I may be driving, but its got a life of its own).

Am participating in two established meditation groups here in Portland (How fortunate are we/I!?)  
1)  offering classes introducing folks to Mindfulness Meditation and Buddhist Psychology
2)  in order to compose the teachings for introduction and teaching this practice/project.

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