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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Gold Mind Meditation Project

Mindfulness Meditation
(benefits for fellow head injury survivors)

Head injury is an invisible disability, not easily seen from the outside like a wheelchair or crutches, however still a disability. Here, in this practice is the possibility of happiness - present and awake in natural clarity.  This is a path to a bright and abiding aliveness.

By using an effective personal support system: guided meditations , relevant readings, and weekly meditation groups, you can learn and establish a self-generating long-term practice.You may attain the possibility of living a life you truly love, cultivating your mind's inherent strengths, with more smiles. Really! 

Let me share my experience.  Returning to college thirty years ago, I was involved in a serious car accident. I was in a coma and 'Jaws-of-Life' were required to free me from the wreck. When I came to from the coma I had amnesia, diplopia (double-vision) and TBI. I was not who I used to be.  Fortunately, much of the damage in my body cleared up through medical aid, although much did not. My life was forever changed.  Since that time I have lived with the challenges of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).  I know the devastation of these changes from the inside, and wish to share what I have found to be a powerful healing benefit for me, and possibly for you. Jump in, the water's fine!

Maladies like this are often misdiagnosed and thus poorly treated. My capabilities were no longer steady and dependable. I struggled to complete my degree at the University and to get on with my life, very unsure of what I could be or do. Within a few years I experienced the frustrating failure of the loss of several jobs before learning that this puzzling effect was the result of 'TBI'. There is light at the end of this tunnel.

In top-of-the line rehab programs I was taught 'compensatory coping strategies' for the 'cognitive deficits' of brain injury. These strategies are well-intentioned rehabilitation attempts but fall short of addressing my inner well-being.  I had to learn this path on my own.  I discovered Insight Meditation and have been practicing it for 22 years. This simple practice, of sitting mindfully helps me to be clear-eyed, knowing that as obstacles arise I will have the capacity to face them directly from the steady place of natural clear seeing.

Although mindfulness meditation is often taught and practiced in the context of Buddhism, its essence is universal.  It's based on an intent to relieve suffering and dissatisfaction, to clear the mind of delusions and ground us in a sense of  dignified inner well-being, a peace beyond the reach of  physical damages, unmatched in my 30 years post-trauma. There is a growing benefit here that keeps me continuing. 

Though each of our situations is unique, with practice you can learn exactly what is most needed.   It's been well documented by neurologists, psychologists, and doctors:  mindfulness practice leads to positive brain healing (neuroplasticity). I have chosen to live my life more skillfully and intentionally,  you can too!  This is the start of a new path.

Had C. Walmer


  1. This work you're doing is so important and needed... thanks for paving the way, Had.

  2. Thanks Erin. I do know it is so, just need some encouragement or guidance on next steps to take
    to get this thing rollin'.

  3. awesome post! it really helped me get into Free Guided Meditations and i am spreading the word!

  4. Michael Meade suggests we overcome our fate to create our destiny. wonder if this path you are following is meant to provide solace and light to those whose fate have quieted their voices and clouded their clarity.

    You are a hero Had. I am blessed to know you.